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Choose the right plan for your business


All the essentials you need for your business.

Features Includes:
  1. Payroll

    • Regionalised Payslip Format

    • Mobile Payslip App

    • Electronic Bank Files

    • MPF & ORSO Calculations

    • IRD File Generation

    • Flexible Payroll Schedules

    • Multiple Payruns

    • Custom Pay Elements

    • Accounting Integrations

    • Leave Encashment & Deduction

    • Multi-Currency

    • Cost Centres

    • Multi-Organisation

    • Access Control

    • Custom Reports

  2. Leave

    • Custom Leave Types

    • Mobile Leave Application

    • Mobile Leave Approval

    • Shared Leave Calendar

    • Standard & Custom Public Holidays

    • Automatic Leave Entitlement Progression

    • Leave Expiry

    • Hours-based Leave Application

    • Leave Encashment

    • Multi-Org Approval

    • No Pay Leave Payroll Deduction

    • Custom & Multi Work Weeks

    • Custom Reports


Comprehensive HRMS that grows with you.

All features in Essentials PLUS
  1. Attendance

    • Mobile or Kiosk Clock In/Out

    • AI Face Recognition

    • Geofencing

    • Shift Management

    • Timesheet Approval Flow

    • Overtime Tracking

    • Overtime Calculations to Payroll

    • Multi-Timezone

    • Multiple Clock In

    • Automated Reminders

    • Custom Reports

  2. Expense

    • Mobile Expense App

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    • Automated Approval Flow

    • Custom Expense Categories

    • Multiple Tax Types

    • Bulk Expense Submission

    • Real-Time Exchange Rates

    • Flexible User Roles

    • Audit Trail

    • Reimbursement via Payroll

    • Claim for others

    • Transport claims

    • Custom fields

  3. Custom Reports

  4. Single Sign On (SSO) ​

    • Enterprise SAML integration for user authentication

    • Sign in through Google Workspace

    • Sign in through Microsoft Office 365

  • What does your monthly subscription fee cover?
    Our subscription fee includes (i) Application maintenance and upgrades, (ii) Hosting of the service, (iii) Feature enhancements, (iv) Updates in statutory compliance (in accordance to MOM regulations), (v) Daily backups, (vi) Support via email, phone and live chat
  • Are JustLogin's Cloud-based solutions secure?
    We are ISO 27001 certified, which means we comply with the gold standard of internationally-recognised best practices in data protection. Your information is kept safe with the highest standards of security on Amazon Web Servers, including SSL encryption. Please read here to find out more about our security policies.
  • Where are the applications and data hosted?
    The application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at its data center in Singapore and remotely backed up at other AWS locations. AWS is a trusted Cloud infrastructure used by many leading internet companies such as Airbnb, Netflix and Apple.
  • How easy is it to get started?
    Activating your JustLogin account only takes a couple of minutes. Then, our onboarding specialists will assist you in the initial set up processes to import the employee data and configure policies so you can get up and running. Most of our customers are able to go live within 2 weeks.
  • Can my data get lost in the cloud?
    With regular daily and weekly backups and data stored across multiple servers, your information is there for you whenever you need it.
  • Do I need to pay for software upgrades?
    Just like you, we’re constantly striving to improve and innovate. So, you’ll receive regular feature releases and upgrades at no additional cost.
  • Can I subscribe if I have less than 5 employees?
    Our plans start from 5 employees. You can start using if you have fewer employees, but you will still be charged for the minimum 5 employees for each plan.
  • What is your system up-time?
    Our system consists of multiple servers on a load-balancing architecture which allows us to provide at least 99.9% system up-time, a target that we consistently exceed.

Just Get Started With JustLogin

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