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Product Features



Clock in safely to work with our all-in-one contactless temperature scanner, attendance tracker and door access. Fully integrated with JustLogin’s HR Management System for centralised employee information and monitoring.


Temperature Scanning

Scan temperature of employees and visitors through AI facial recognition automatically all day long. When fever is detected, administrators will be notified and visitors could be rejected entry.


Face Recognition

Fast facial recognition (<0.7 sec) with high accuracy. Facial recognition technology by SIAT, which ranks top three in the world. SafeClock detects live persons with or without mask.


Automated LeaveHomeSafe

SafeClock is integrated with your work premise’s LeaveHomeSafe to allow employees and visitors to check in and out of LeaveHomeSafe automatically.


Attendance Tracking

When employees scan their temperature on SafeClock, their clock in and out timings are recorded in the cloud-based HR platform in real-time.

Easily Configurable on the Cloud

Manage Attendance

Know when employees are on leave and their working. Even overtime hours can be automatically calculated for payroll.

Configurable Settings

No need to go down on-site to configure or edit the settings of your SafeClock device. Control everything with a few buttons on the configurations page.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology by SIAT, which ranks top three in the world. SafeClock detects live persons with or without mask.

Other Features


Door Access

Configure door access based on facial recognition, temperature settings and mask control.


Mask Control

Identify whether user is wearing a mask before entry into your premises.


Manage Split Shifts & Staggered Hours

Create multiple shifts with different start and end times and assign them to specific employees.


Visitor Management

Unregistered faces will be recorded as visitors. Visitors’ photo, temperature and times of entry will be captured and recorded in the online portal for contact tracing purposes.


Cloud Configuration

All data is captured in real-time on the online portal so you can monitor your workplace even as you work from home. Notifications and alerts from the device can be sent via email and push notifications.


Easy Employee Registration

Simply get employees to clock in for the first time as an unregistered visitor, and tag the photo to an employee in SafeClock’s online portal to register the employee. 


Real Time Reports

Gives you instant reports on the health conditions of your employees and visitors so you are able to act instantly on a follow up plan.


Multi-Language Support

SafeClock can cater to multiple languages – just let us know your requirements.

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