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AI Recruitment

Built For People,
Powered by AI

Experience smarter, faster, and a more effective talent acquisition journey.

AI-Powered Recruitment

Elevate your hiring strategy with Justlogin’s innovative recruitment system, integrating the power of ChatGPT for smarter, faster, and more effective talent acquisition.


AI Candidate Ranking

Efficiently assess and rank candidates based on their qualifications and experience, enabling you to make more informed and quicker hiring decisions.


AI Candidate Comparison

Evaluate and compare candidates objectively by analyzing key attributes, skills, and qualifications, facilitating informed and efficient hiring choices.


AI Candidate Summary

Effortlessly summarize candidates' qualifications and experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of their suitability for the role at a glance.

Features for a Smarter & Faster Hiring


Candidate Sourcing

Leverage Al algorithms to efficiently attract top talent from diverse sources, helping your organizations to build strong talent pipelines for hiring needs.


AI-Generated Interview Questions

Easily generate questions tailored to each job, ensuring a comprehensive assessment based on the job requirements. you can now optimize the interview process like a pro!


Flexible Job Openings

With a range of flexible job openings, candidates can choose positions aligned with their preferences, skills, and desired work arrangements, fostering a dynamic workplace.

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Audits & Reports

Access comprehensive audits and reports with actionable insights and analysis. Make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and ensure compliance effortlessly.



Job Description

Effortlessly create compelling job descriptions that attract the right candidates by entering the relevant industry, skills, and preferences.


Resume Parsing

Enjoy how the system automatically extract and organize essential candidate information from resumes to relevant fields, saving you lots of time.

Hire Smart, Hire Fast:

Unleash the Power of AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can JustLogin Payroll Software record an employee's bank details?
    Certainly! Our Payroll Software seamlessly records and manages employee bank details for payroll processing. With our payroll system, you can securely store and track and update essential information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your payroll operations.
  • Can I set a time for salaries to be paid?
    With JustLogin's Payroll System Hong Kong, you can easily customize your payroll schedule with a few clicks, to fit your team's needs. Whether it is bi-weekly, monthly, or a specific date, our payroll software empowers you to tailor payment frequencies just the way you like it. This means you can ensure that your hardworking employees receive their well-deserved salaries right on time, every time, fostering trust and satisfaction within your team.
  • Can JustLogin Payroll System in Hong Kong handle several types of employee compensation structures, such as hourly wages, overtime, and bonuses?
    JustLogin Payroll Software Hong Kong is like a versatile toolbox for managing employee compensation. It is built to handle a wide variety of employee compensation types – whether your team is on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual pay rates, you can tweak the settings to match exactly how you pay your employees.
  • Is it possible to generate customized payroll reports using JustLogin Payroll Software?
    Our payroll software is very dynamic, and can generate over 20 different types of reports to help you review and compare a wide variety of payroll data. This includes areas such as pay runs, deductions and more. You can generate ad-hoc reports, dive deep into real-time data and insights for better decision making. You can even share or save reports in your preferred format effortlessly.
  • How does JustLogin Payroll Software manage employee reimbursements and expense claims?
    Our payroll software efficiently tracks and processes reimbursements within the system, ensuring prompt reimbursement for employees. With its OCR function, you can snap, scan and send any claims through your mobile app, reducing discrepancies and approving claims in one click. Approved employee claims will then be reimbursed together with payroll upon processing.
  • Does JustLogin Payroll Software Hong Kong integrate with any third-party applications?
    JustLogin Payroll System's powerful API brings you seamless data integration and efficient connectivity between platforms, providing uninterrupted workflows and improving productivity. This means no need for data imports, fewer errors, and streamlined operations. JustLogin Payroll Software Hong Kong integrates with: Accounting software Payment Platforms Performance Management software and more.
  • Does JustLogin Payroll Software come with a mobile app?
    Our Payroll Software comes with a user-friendly mobile app that empowers your employees to access their payroll information and submit time-off requests conveniently from their smartphones or tablets. It is all about giving your employees the flexibility and accessibility they need. And with instant updates and notifications, they will always be in the loop. With JustLogin Payroll Software, managing payroll is simple, modern, and fits right in your pocket.
  • Does JustLogin Payroll System for Hong Kong support leave management?
    Yes, JustLogin Payroll System for Hong Kong automates such deductions and encashment calculations according to your organization's policies. This streamlines things and ensures accurate payroll processing for all employees. With this, JustLogin Payroll System ensures accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in managing employee attendance, ultimately contributing to a smoother payroll processing and enhanced employee satisfaction.
  • Can employees access their payslips through the JustLogin Payroll System for Hong Kong?
    Yes, JustLogin Payroll System for Hong Kong empowers employees to view and download their approved itemized payslips directly from their mobile app or online portal. This eliminates the need for physical payslip distribution and provides convenient access to payroll information anytime, anywhere.
  • What other features are included in the JustLogin Payroll Software Hong Kong?
    With JustLogin Payroll Software Hong Kong, you can assign payroll approvers, add or remove pay elements, and access a complete breakdown of employee details easily. JustLogin Payroll System for Hong Kong offers a streamlined payroll journey with user-friendly features that simplify every step of the process. Its intuitive interface and advanced filtering options make searching and selecting employees for pay runs straightforward, while real-time updates keep you informed of any changes.

AI Recruitment

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