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Prioritising your employees doesn’t just make them happier, it produces better results. We’ve been in the people business for 20 years now and we know what works.

Our solutions make it easy and convenient for companies to manage everything HR-related in a complete, integrated, cloud-based platform. More importantly, we put your employees in the centre of our innovation and design process.


Celebrate Payday


Be notified when your pay comes in and access your payslip on-the-go!


Go on Leave


Apply and approve leave anytime and anywhere. Check your leave entitlements and expiry dates on-the-go. You can also view who’s in and who’s not with shared leave calendars.


Clock Your Attendance



Just take a selfie to record your attendance, with facial recognition and geofencing verifications. View your upcoming shifts with the roster calendar and check the amount of overtime you have already clocked in for the month.

Paperless Expense



Just snap, scan and send to digitise your receipts and submit your expense claims.


Customise your own employee dashboard with your favourite widgets.

Customise Dashboard


Employee Directory


No need to ask around for your colleague’s e-mail or phone number. Use our quick search feature to find your colleagues’ work contact information.


Be Notified

Receive push alerts from JustLogin when actions like change of leave status and release of payslip are made. HR can also broadcast announcements right to the employees’ mobile app.


Digital Business Card


Share your contact details via a QR code in your mobile app. You no longer have to carry physical business cards around.


Focus on People, not paperwork

JustLogin takes over your physical personnel file cabinet and puts it all on the cloud. Store your employee data, upload employee documents, receive reminders for important dates like birthdays, confirmation or work pass renewals, and generate organisational charts in a click of a button.

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Your All-in-One HR Command  Center

The Dashboard provides users quick access to important links, allows users to share their thoughts for the day, and provides insight on who’s celebrating milestones or birthdays within the company. As an added enhancement, users will now have access to the other modules without leaving the general dashboard. 


Paying your employees can't get simpler

JustLogin is fully compliant and up-to-date with the latest IRD and MPF regulations in Hong Kong, so you don’t have to worry at all. Submit regulatory forms in seconds, have MPF automatically calculated for you and generate bank files to pay all your employees at one go. JustLogin’s payroll software is fully integrated, so no pay leave and overtime hours are factored into pay calculations. Transfer payroll entries into your accounting software in just a click of a button.


Fully automate your leave flows

Waiting days for leave to be approved is a thing of a past. With JustLogin, employees can apply leave and managers can approve leave instantly on the mobile app. The leave applications will flow seamlessly through the designated approving managers for each employee. JustLogin manages leave tracking automatically by updating entitlements when employees consume their leave days. Enjoy the convenience of automatic statutory and public holiday entitlements in Hong Kong, and shared leave calendars among your teams.


Manage your workforce in real-time

JustLogin makes clocking into work easy. Employees can take a selfie on their mobile or scan their face on SafeClock to check in and out of work. We support facial recognition and geofencing, to allow you to centrally manage multiple work sites easily. JustLogin enables you to create unlimited shift combinations. Generate digital timesheets in a click of a button to track working hours and calculate overtime.

Expense as you go

Save the dreaded time of the month to compile all the physical receipts for expense claims. JustLogin allows employees to expense on the go in 3 steps – snap, scan and send, all via your mobile app. JustLogin enables automated approval flows to reduce back and forth required to clarify claim discrepancies.

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Fits into your workflow

JustLogin is integrated with your favourite business applications – from accounting to performance management, and even recruitment, we’ve got you covered.


A Complete HR Platform You Can Trust

JustLogin streamlines your HR processes by fully integrating your people, payroll, leave, attendance and expense management on a single platform.

We prioritise


We know how important your data is, so we’ve gone the extra step to get ourselves ISO 27001 certified since 2016.

We've got your back

Our dedicated customer experience team is always there to support you from Day 1 and we are constantly designing customer learning programmes to help you succeed.

Tomorrow will always be better

We are constantly innovating and improving our platform to bring in best-in-class features and to cater to changing customer needs in this volatile business environment.

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Fits Into Your Workflow

JustLogin is integrated with your favourite business applications – from accounting to performance management, and even recruitment, we’ve got you covered.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"The ability to manage payroll, leave and expense all on one single platform enables HR to get meaningful information conveniently based on the connective data, and in a timely manner."

Charles Wong
Chairman & Co-Founder, Prive Technologies

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