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Introducing JustLogin for Xoxoday Empuls

JustLogin users can now send employee data directly to Empuls and leverage the platform to connect, engage and motivate their workforce.






Learn how how Xoxoday Empuls can engage, communicate, and reward your employees!

An innovative solution to attract and retain top talent, build a winning culture, and manage your workforce!

Brings your teams together on a single engagement platform to share ideas, gather feedback, and stay connected.

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How to Integrate

  1. Log in to your Empuls account.

  2. Click on Settings from the left-hand menu.

  3. Navigate to the Other Setting section and click Integrations.

  4. Navigate to the HRMS Applications section and click on the JustLogin app.

  5. Click Start Setup from the top right corner of the page to start the integration.

  6. Click on Proceed in the pop-up box so you are redirected to your JustLogin account for completing the setup.

  7. Click Authorize to authorize JustLogin to connect with your account.

Get Started with 3 Months FREE Usage

Applicable for JustLogin existing customers ONLY


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