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Hong Kong MPF Contribution 

The MPF Scheme is an important retirement savings scheme for Hong Kong's workforce. It provides a reliable source of retirement income and helps to ensure that employees are able to save for their future. Employers and employees should ensure that they understand the features of the MPF Scheme and are making the appropriate contributions to their retirement savings.

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Employer and Employee Contributions

Under the MPF Scheme, both employers and employees are required to make contributions. The minimum contribution rate is 5% of the employee's relevant income, which includes their basic salary, bonuses, and allowances, up to a maximum of HKD 1,500 per month for both the employer and employee.


However, employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum amount. Self-employed individuals are required to make contributions at a rate of 5% of their income, up to the same maximum of HKD 1,500 per month.

MPF Example

Employee A:

Employment Start Date: 23/3/2023

60th day of employment: 25/5/2023

Scenario 1: If an employment ends prior to the 60th day of employment, no MPF arrangement is required.

Scenario 2: If an employment continues over 60 days, Monthly contribution will be employer and employee each contribute 5% of the employee relevant income.

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Investment Options

The MPF Scheme offers a range of investment options to suit different risk profiles and investment objectives. These options include equity funds, bond funds, mixed asset funds, and guaranteed funds. Employees can choose to invest their contributions in one or more of these funds, or they can choose to invest in a default investment strategy, which is designed to provide a balance between risk and return.

Signing a Contract


Employees can withdraw their MPF benefits when they reach the age of 65, or they can choose to make a partial withdrawal after reaching the age of 60.

Employees who leave their job can also withdraw their MPF benefits, but they may be subject to early withdrawal penalties and tax implications.

Efficient MPF Calculations and E-Submission with JustLogin

The Ultimate Payroll Solution for Hong Kong Businesses

MPF Calculation

JustLogin automatically calculates MPF and mandatory contributions for each employee, ensuring accurate and efficient payments. The software is configured with the latest MPF rates and rules, ensuring compliance with local laws. This reduces the risk of errors in calculations and minimizes the chances of incurring penalties and interest charges.


JustLogin generates the relevant files for e-submission, making it easy for employers to submit their MPF contributions online. This feature saves time and reduces the hassle of manual submission, allowing businesses to focus on other core tasks.

Deadline Management

JustLogin helps businesses to manage their MPF contribution deadlines effectively. The software sends reminders to employers when the deadline for contributions is approaching, reducing the chances of late payments and associated penaltie

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